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Barbie dolls have been an classic part of American history. Every girls wants a barbie doll that she can relate with. We love to bring back the nostalgia of Barbie and Ken’s marriage. Look for more updates soon so that you can experience what everyone else does in their childhood. Don’t forget to comment on what you see as well.

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Take a warm, relaxing bath with Purple Coupons

This is strategy that can help you to relax before bedtime. Avoid using water that is too hot because this can make you feel uncomfortable. Getting too warm can make it harder to sleep, so a nice warm bath with a little bit of lavender in the water can help. Allow yourself to soak away any aches and pains from the day. While you’re in the tub, just focus on how good the water feels.

One thing you can do before bed to relax is to get a hold of a Purple mattress and Purple pillow coupon code online. These can be found in places where you lease expect it.

Imagine that it is caressing your skin and soothing your entire body. Let all your thoughts drift to where you are at this moment in time. Don’t think about the outside world, just think about pleasant surroundings, waterfalls and other relaxing images. When you’re finished, dry thoroughly and put on comfortable night clothes. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.

Use herbal remedies for sleep

The use of essential oils from herbal extracts has been in practice for hundreds of years to help with various health and emotional problems. We mentioned using lavender in the bath. You can find it in oil form, body wash, pillow spray, sachets or bath salts. Lavender has multiple health benefits. It is used to induce relaxation, so it is easier to fall asleep at night. It has a light and pleasant smell, but the medicinal properties of this herb are very real. Here are other herbs that help promote restful sleep.


The root of the valerian plant is dried, crushed and use to promote calmness and sleep. Studies have found that it not only helps people to fall asleep more quickly, but it helps them to sleep better and for longer periods of time. Capsules may be taken an hour before bed. It lasts for four hours, so if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can take another dose. Only use for two weeks at a time to avoid building a tolerance. Give it a break for a few weeks, then use as needed.


This herb eases mental and emotional stress and calms the mind. It’s long been used as a stress reliever and as an aid for sleep.

California Poppy

This is a natural remedy that is used for multiple medical conditions. It has the power to relieve headaches and toothaches. It also contains properties that act as a sedative for easing insomnia. This herb has been used to successfully treat anxiety, restlessness and insomnia in children as well as adults.

Eat a healthy diet like Medifast

Did you know that the foods that you eat can interfere with your sleeping patterns? The same is true if you don’t get the proper nutrients that your body needs. Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats and proteins and get plenty of water. To get a discount on Medifast, a great diet, view more from this website. Cutting back on the amount of sweets, heavy foods, fats, salts, caffeine and alcohol can make a big difference in your overall health as well as how well you sleep at night.